16–22%THC <1% CBD

If you’re looking for a zippy, long-lasting sativa-dominant strain to accompany you on a night out, give Chernobyl a try. Fathered by the notable marijuana breeder Subcool, Chernobyl is the product of some of the most well-loved strains in the modern cannabis world.

Some marijuana strains have a past that’s shrouded in mystery—such is not the case with Chernobyl. Created by famous cannabis breeder Subcool of TGA Genetics, Chernobyl is a cross between some staple strains in the cannabis world: Trainwreck, Jack the Ripper and Trinity.

With a citrusy odor and taste that’s supposed to resemble a lime slurpee, this sativa-dominant hybrid will wake you up with its sharp aromas. Chernobyl also boasts a decently high THC content that can range anywhere from 16–22%, with some samples being as high as 30% THC.

Chernobyl is an energizing strain, so it may not be a good fit if you’re trying to wind down, but it does produce dreamy, cerebral effects that are ideal for thoughtful, creative pursuits. With a high that lasts up to three hours, make sure you’ve set aside some time to enjoy this strain. Cannabis consumers with a little more experience may be able to dose themselves with just enough to make it suitable for daytime use.

The uplifting, buzzy nature of Chernobyl has made it a hit among medical marijuana consumers looking for relief from depression and fatigue. It’s also known to be effective against migraines, nausea and mild-to-moderate pain.

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