12–22% THC

The product of two distinctly sativa parents, Chocolope is an uplifting marijuana strain that can help you tackle your to-do list. Cannabis consumers looking for classic, cerebral effects with a just a touch of body high should give this time-tested strain a try.

Created in the 1980s by DNA Genetics, Chocolope is the child of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. Over the years, this strain has gained a reputation as a solid classic in the cannabis world, earning the High Times strain of the year award in 2007.

In spite of its name, Chocolope rarely smells or tastes like chocolate. Most batches have a citrusy, fruity aroma that’s sweet to taste. Depending on the batch you acquire, you may get coffee, cocoa and melon undertones on the exhale.

With Thai and Haze genetics, this cannabis strain has clear sativa characteristics that’ll uplift the consumer and foster focus. Chocolope is energizing enough to serve as your morning cup of coffee and can motivate you to get things done without being too overpowering.

Medical marijuana patients enjoy this strain because it allows for medication without sedation. Chocolope’s ability to promote focus can help those with ADD or ADHD. Its uplifting qualities and ability to cultivate a sense of well-being also make it a good choice for patients with depression, stress, anxiety and fatigue. However, because Chocolope has sativa characteristics, it should be used with caution by consumers prone to paranoia and anxiety.

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