20–25% THC ≤1% CBD

With a high THC content and dreamy mental and physical effects, it’s easy to see why Cinex is a popular cannabis strain in the Pacific Northwest.

A favorite in the Pacific Northwest, Cinex is a sativa-dominant cross between marijuana strains Cinderella 99 and Vortex. Look for pale green buds with an abundant coating of white crystals—a nod to the wide array of terpenes that lend Cinex its citrusy, pungent aroma and sweet, yet skunky flavor. In spite of a THC content that goes towards the higher end, Cinex is an all-around gentle cannabis strain that fosters creativity and a positive disposition.

Consumers enjoy Cinex for its clear, attentive cerebral effects and easygoing body hum—this is a pensive and philosophical cannabis strain well-suited to those with creative pursuits such as writers, artists and designers. While this strain promotes focus, its bohemian nature means that it may not be ideal for tedious projects that require lots of concentration. If you’re looking for something to complement a low-key hangout or enhance mundane errands, Cinex is a good choice.

Cinex’s indica characteristics shine through in a mellow fashion, making it ideal for medical marijuana patients looking to relieve pain, escape stress or improve focus. For beginners attracted to the placidity of this marijuana strain, some dispensaries do carry a lower THC version of Cinex, although the high THC version remains more prevalent.

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