Critical Mass

15–20% THC 5% CBD

If you’re looking to get physical, Critical Mass might be the right cannabis strain for you. A favorite in the medical marijuana community for its body-melting effects, use Critical Mass when you’re looking to wind down for the night.

Critical Mass is a cross between two cannabis world staples: Skunk #1 and Afghani. Breeders have also crossed Critical Mass with a high CBD strain, creating a plant with a near even ratio of THC to CBD. Both versions of this marijuana strain are floating around, so it’s important to ask your budtender what they have in stock.

Critical Mass is known for a having an earthy, woody flavor with a touch of sweetness. This strain gets its name from the massive marijuana flowers it produces—flowers that are so heavy they’ve been known to snap the branches they grow on. Even with such big buds, this cannabis strain holds a high percentage of THC, which can often clock in at the low 20s.

Critical Mass produces sedative, indica-like body effects, making it an ideal nighttime strain. If you’re looking to melt into your couch and put your worries on hold, this might be the right strain for you. Some consumers note that Critical Mass can be a creative, thought-provoking strain if taken in smaller doses.

Critical Mass’ body-melting properties are a favorite in the medical marijuana community. Those suffering from pain, migraines and nausea often find relief with this cannabis strain. Critical Mass has also been known to knock consumers out, making it a good choice for those with insomnia.

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