Death Star

18–27%THC <1% CBD

Those looking for the best of both sativa and indica worlds may want to give Death Star a try. This marijuana strain has enough cerebral uplift to be used during the day by more experienced cannabis consumers, and a mellow, happy vibe that can help others wind down for the night.

Born and bred in the Midwest in early the 2000s, Death Star gained much popularity in the eastern United States before reaching national recognition in 2010, when it was mentioned in High Times magazine. Death Star’s buds are small and dense with a sour, pungent aroma and tart, fruity undertones. This marijuana strain is said to have picked up its name from its breeders, who go by the name Team Death Star.

A heavy-hitting cross between Sensi Star and the much-loved Sour Diesel, Death Star seems to be a bit of a contradiction: Sour Diesel has strong, cerebral effects that can lead to raciness in some, while Sensi Star is known for its heavy-handed high with a touch of cognitive uplift. Put them together, and you’ve got a cannabis strain that’ll shoot your head up into space while leaving your body grounded on Earth.

Folks who are new to cannabis or those who have a low tolerance may find themselves slipping into a dreamy slumber, while more experienced marijuana consumers may be able to harness this strain’s euphoric, cerebral effects during the daytime. A good coffee shop strain, use Death Star when you want to feel relaxed and introspective.

Medical marijuana patients enjoy Death Star for its heavy body buzz and mellow nature. This combination makes it a ideal for those with depression, pain, PTSD and anxiety.

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