Dutch Treat

16–25% THC 1% CBD

Dutch Treat is well-known in Amsterdam coffee shops, and it’s easy to see why: With its relaxed, euphoric high and gentle body buzz, it’s an ideal cannabis strain for a laid-back day spent with friends.

No one knows the true lineage of Dutch Treat (also known as Dutch Crunch), but rumor has it that it was born in the Pacific Northwest and from there spread across the globe. This cannabis strain is a popular sight in Amsterdam coffeeshops, but it’s also well-liked in the United States and Canada.

Dutch Treat is an indica-dominant hybrid with an earthy aroma and sweet taste. This cannabis strain is said to have a strong stench, so if you’re looking for discretion, bear this in mind.

A good marijuana strain for nighttime or lazy days, use Dutch Treat when you’ve got time to enjoy its euphoric effects and pleasant physical sensations. Overall, this strain is sedating without being overwhelming. More experienced cannabis consumers might find Dutch Treat uplifting enough for social occasions.

Medical marijuana patients use Dutch Treat for its ability to boost mood—a property that works well for conditions like anxiety, depression and PTSD. Dutch Treat also imparts a tingly body buzz, making it a fitting choice for those with pain from arthritis and migraines.

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