Fire OG

18–25% THC <1% CBD

With knockout physical and mental effects, Fire OG isn’t to be taken lightly. Euphoric and soothing, cannabis consumers can use Fire OG to take the edge off of a long day.

Often cited as one of the more potent members of the OG Kush family, Fire OG offers a blissful, yet sedating high that can last up to three hours when smoked. A cross between the famous marijuana strain OG Kush and its offshoot San Fernando Valley OG Kush, Fire OG is a powerful indica, whose THC content is often in the 20th percentile.

Fire OG buds tend to be light green with red or burnt orange hairs, evoking flame-like imagery. This marijuana strain is said to have a piney, lemon aroma that can be almost chemical. This lemony scent transfers over to Fire OG’s flavor, which is sharp and sour.

With strong mental and physical effects, Fire OG is best used as a treat—or as relief—after a long day. Cannabis consumers can initially expect soaring cerebral creativity that then gives way to a relaxing body buzz, which might glue you to the couch. Fire OG’s high-THC content means that beginners should practice caution. Even more experienced consumers tend to only need a puff or two of this strain to be satisfied.

Fire OG’s heavy-handed physical effects make it a good fit for medical marijuana patients looking to alleviate severe pain. It’s ability to put consumers to sleep and its long-lasting high also make it a good marijuana strain for insomnia. Fire OG can also inspire a case of the munchies, so those who need a boost in appetite can benefit from this strain as well.

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