22–24% THC <1% CBD

Known for its knockout effects, G13 is best used on a night when you’re seeking happy thoughts and some quality downtime at home. This indica cannabis strain’s heavy body high is a good fit for those looking to relieve pain, nausea and gastrointestinal issues.

The cannabis world is full of funny stories, and the legend behind G13 is no exception. Allegedly created in a government lab in the 1960s, a clone of G13 was busted out by an employee who thought that the plant was too good to be kept a secret. From there, G13 spread across the nation and became the marijuana strain we know today.

Regardless of this story’s authenticity, G13 remains an iconic cannabis strain—even garnering a reference in the 1999 film “American Beauty.” When it comes to taste and smell, G13 is a cannabis classic with a floral, pungent aroma and earthy flavors.

If you’ve had a long physically and mentally taxing day, G13 might be the best way to unwind. Well-known for producing a heavy body buzz without turning your mind to putty, use G13 when you want to feel relaxed and introspective. And for those of you who tend to overindulge a little too much, G13’s enveloping physical high can be a great way to get over a hangover—just make sure you don’t have to do anything important.

Lauded by the medical marijuana community, G13’s intense physical effects are ideal for those dealing with various types and degrees of pain. This marijuana strain’s uplifting nature also makes it a good match for those with depression and anxiety.

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