20–25% THC <1% CBD

A cross between Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies, Gelato is an ideal companion for a mellow weekend afternoon. With dreamy, cerebral effects and an enjoyable body buzz, Gelato is also a good option for those looking for relief from pain or mood disorders.

Gelato is the offspring of Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies, two cannabis strains from the much-loved Cookies lineage. Bred by San Francisco breeders Mr. Sherbinski and Jigga, Gelato is popular along the West Coast. There are many phenotypes of Gelato floating around, but the most popular is Gelato #33 (sometimes referred to as Larry Bird), which was also voted one of the top 10 marijuana strains of the year in 2016 by High Times magazine.

Gelato’s Cookies lineage is apparent in its taste and smell. You can expect a citrusy, floral scent from this marijuana strain, along with a sweet, fruity flavor. Buds are small, but dense and impart an earthy aroma once broken up. This strain can be pungent, especially when smoked, so keep this in mind if you want to be discreet.

Gelato is a hybrid, with slightly indica-dominant effects. It’s known for having a high THC content that at minimum sits around 20%. What this means is that those who are new to cannabis should proceed with caution.

This marijuana strain elevates mood but manages to keep a relatively clear-headed high that’s said to boost creativity. Gelato produces pleasant body sensations, but not one that’s strong enough to leave you glued to your couch. Depending on your experience, this strain can accompany you on social occasions. However, most cannabis consumers like to use Gelato in the evenings or during a lazy afternoon.

Gelato’s significant body high makes it a good match for medical marijuana patients looking for relief from chronic pain and muscle spasms. Meanwhile, its gentle, uplifting cerebral effects may help those with depression, anxiety and PTSD.

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