18 to 25% THC <1% CBD

If you’re looking for a full body experience, you may want to give GG4 (formerly known as Gorilla Glue #4) a try. This award-winning hybrid cannabis-strain-25932″>cannabis strain stimulates the mind and sedates the body, making it an ideal after-work treat.

An award-winning cannabis strain from GG Seeds, GG4 was born out of the mixing of numerous strains, but its lineage is best simplified as Chem’s Sister crossed with Chocolate Diesel. Attempts to create GG4 yielded many phenotypes, of which #4 was the most popular.

Initially named for its sticky, trichome-laden buds, GG4 was a nod to the well-known glue of the same name. However, this homage spawned a copyright controversy, and in 2017, GG Seeds settled a lawsuit with glue makers Gorilla Glue Co. As a result, GG Seeds will have a year to transition away from using the word “gorilla” and any gorilla-related images.

This change in name will do little to reduce the strains popularity among cannabis connoisseurs, who enjoy GG4 for its pronounced cerebral and physical effects. A heavy-handed hybrid, GG4 will send a rush of energy to your head, while leaving your body planted on the couch. For this reason, GG4 is best reserved for a lazy day or as way to wind down at night.

Medical marijuana patients looking for relief from pain or depression enjoy GG4’s head-to-toe effects. This marijuana strain is also said to create sensation in the head and sinuses, making it a promising remedy for migraine sufferers.

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