Golden Goat

16–23% THC 1–2% CBD

Golden Goat’s upbeat, lively nature make it an ideal sativa-dominant hybrid strain to bust out when you’re entertaining. With mild physical effects, Golden Goat can also be used by medical marijuana patients seeking low-key pain relief.

Said to hail from Topeka, KS, Golden Goat is a cross between Hawaiian, Romulan and Island Sweet Skunk. Popular in the American West, this marijuana strain is commonly found at Colorado dispensaries.

Buds from this cannabis strain have a golden hue and can sometimes be quite pungent—perhaps a nod to the stinky barnyard animal noted in this strain’s name. You can expect a strong tropical and fruity aroma from Golden Goat flower. Once the buds of this cannabis strain are broken up, consumers sometimes notice hints of spicy and earthy aromas.

Golden Goat provides a strong mood and energy boost and is thus best used during the day or for social occasions. A sativa-dominant hybrid, Golden Goat provides a clear-headed, focused high that’s often followed by physical relaxation.

Golden Goat’s uplifting properties are best-suited for medical marijuana patients who want relief from mood disorders or who suffer from chronic fatigue. Its physical effects can also be used for those experiencing mild pain. Golden Goat’s energizing nature can sometimes lead to raciness, so consumers who are prone to these effects should practice caution.

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