Grape Ape

15–25% THC <1% CBD

Known for its deeply relaxing effects and grape candy flavor, Grape Ape is an ideal cannabis strain for those looking to settle down and enjoy a state of mental calm.

Created by California company Apothecary Genetics, Grape Ape is said to be cross between Mendocino Purps, Skunk and a landrace Afghani. Grape Ape has a distinct grape flavor that often reminds consumers of another marijuana strain: Granddaddy Purple (GDP); the tastes and aromas of the two strains are so alike that some cannabis connoisseurs think they’re one and the same. To add to this theory, both marijuana strains also look remarkably similar with large, dense buds wrapped in leaves that can be purple, dark green or even red.

Like GDP, Grape Ape carries heavy-hitting indica qualities that can leave consumers in a euphoric state of couch lock. The Grape Ape high is fast acting, hitting users with an overpowering physical sensation that then mounts into mental relaxation—wandering thoughts and amusing conversations are normal consequences of this cannabis strain. While usually known for its deeply relaxing, sedating effects, some users report a cerebral focus that may make Grape Ape passable for more active endeavors, depending on the consumer.

Grape Ape’s body-melting properties make it a good candidate for various types of pain, from minor aches to more chronic issues like fibromyalgia and arthritis; these relaxing physical qualities may also help those with muscle spasms. Grape Ape’s sleep-inducing tendencies can help medical marijuana patients suffering from insomnia and its mood-boosting nature can also aid those with anxiety and depression.

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