High CBD

Granddaddy Purple

17–20% THC <1% CBD

The large dense flowers, beautiful purple hues, red-orange hairs and many trichomes make Granddaddy Purple’s buds particularly photogenic. Consumers enjoy this cannabis strain for its deeply calming effects that are a good fit for those looking to decompress or catch up on some sleep.

Granddaddy Purple was developed by Ken Estes, a Bay Area breeder who wanted an easy-to-grow marijuana strain with powerful, knockout effects. Now a popular West Coast staple, Granddaddy Purple gets its good looks and berry flavors from its indica parents: Big Bud and Purple Urkle, respectively.

Beginners should proceed with some caution: This strain’s THC content is usually upwards of 20%, and consumers report that Granddaddy Purple can hit a little harshly. Granddaddy Purple’s high in myrcene, a terpene that can amplify THC’s sedative-like properties. Set aside some time to enjoy this cannabis strain’s dreamy, cerebral effects, which are then followed by full body relaxation. This is not the strain to use if you have a long to-do list—instead, it’s ideal for winding down after a long day.

The heavy body high Granddaddy Purple produces is a good match for individuals suffering from pain and muscle spasms. It’s also helpful in aiding sleep and stimulating appetite.

Granddaddy Purple’s appearance and effects bear a similar resemblance to that of Grape Ape—so much so that some think the two are one and the same. Regardless, Grape Ape is a great marijuana strain to try if you enjoy the mellow, happy vibe of Granddaddy Purple.

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