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6–14% THC 6% CBD

A rare sight, Hamoa has a moderate THC content, and can often be found with a CBD percentage around 6%. Medical marijuana patients typically consume this strain to ease pain, anxiety and insomnia.

A cross between Afghani and Mendocino Purps, Haoma is the original, award-winning cannabis strain of House of the Great Gardener, a breeding company that’s won many awards in Canada. The result is a cannabis strain with a moderate THC content of about 14%. Some versions of this cannabis strain can also contain up to 6% CBD.

Haoma is said to have small, dense, purple-colored buds and a fruity, berry-like aroma. There can also be hints of sweetness and citrus emanating from this cannabis strain. Though rare, when found, Haoma can be in both concentrate and flower form.

Known for a gentle and calming high, Haoma isn’t a good fit for cannabis consumers who are looking for knockout effects. Its modest THC and CBD content means that Haoma is mellow, calming and versatile. Consume this marijuana strain to ease your mind, and make you mentally ready for any activity, be it running errands or drifting off to sleep.

Medical marijuana patients will enjoy Haoma for its zen-like effects, which are suitable for any time of day. Most consume it to ease pain from muscle spasms with little to no debilitating effects. Its high-CBD content means it may help alleviate various types of inflammation. Additionally, Haoma’s relaxing qualities may also reduce anxiety and stress.

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