High CBD


18–22% CBD <1% THC

An ideal health and wellness aid, Harle-Tsu helps cannabis consumers feel centered by promoting relaxation and focus. Use this high-CBD marijuana strain to ease pain, stress and anxiety.

Bred by Southern Humboldt Seed Collective, Harle-Tsu is a cross between Harlequin and Sour Tsunami, two well-respected, high-CBD cannabis strains. Harle-Tsu is a medical marijuana darling with a CBD content that consistently clocks in at around 18–22% and a THC content that’s often 1% or less.

Cannabis consumers can expect an earthy, woody aroma from Harle-Tsu as well as the light-colored, fluffy buds that are typical of marijuana strains high in CBD. Harle-Tsu’s high-CBD content means that it’s often used to make concentrates. This means that finding it in flower form is rare, though not unheard of.

Because it lacks high amounts of THC, Harle-Tsu is best used as a wellness aid, rather than as a recreational tool. If you’re in the homestretch of a long project or working in a high-stress environment, Harle-Tsu can help. This high-CBD marijuana strain promotes relaxation, eases muscle tension and can help you focus, making it ideal for hunkering down and completing tasks. Once consumed, you’re likely to feel Harle-Tsu’s effects in the eyes and forehead.

High-CBD strains are always sought after by the medical marijuana community, and Harle-Tsu is no exception. Medical marijuana patients use Harle-Tsu to ease pain and anxiety. Its high-CBD content also means that it could be effective against some forms of epilepsy.

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