Island Sweet Skunk

16–25% THC <1% CBD

Sativa strain Island Sweet Skunk’s ability to boost mental energy, eliminate pain and improve focus have made it a popular choice among recreational and medical marijuana consumers alike.

Originally bred in Vancouver, Canada by Federation Seeds, Island Sweet Skunk has since proliferated across Canada and the West Coast of the United States to become a staple in the modern cannabis world. The product of Skunk #1 and an unknown sativa, Island Sweet Skunk can be your partner on days when you’ve got a seemingly daunting to-do list.

To get an idea of how this strain smells, you need only look to its name: Island Sweet Skunk combines fragrant and sugary tropical notes with that classic, musky cannabis dankness. Those tropical aromas go well with Island Sweet Skunk’s flavor, which sometimes tastes like citrus with herbal undertones.

Island Sweet Skunk provides a powerful experience without overwhelming the consumer. If you’re looking for improved focus with little risk of the raciness that often accompanies strong sativas, Island Sweet Skunk is a good choice. This strain’s euphoric qualities are nicely rounded out by a mellow physical buzz that can help you combat stress you might encounter throughout the day.

With pleasant, yet powerful, cerebral and physical effects, it’s easy to see why Island Sweet Skunk is a hit in the medical marijuana community. Its ability to combat pain while improving focus and mental clarity makes it a good fit for medicating in the daytime. Those with ADD/ADHD, gastrointestinal issues and chronic fatigue syndrome may also benefit from this balanced, uplifting flower.

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