Kosher Kush

22–25% THC

With prominent physical effects and uplifting cerebral properties, it’s no wonder that Kosher Kush is popular among medical marijuana patients looking for relief from insomnia and pain. If you’re looking for a way to decompress after a long day, Kosher Kush might be the cannabis strain for you.

There are a few stories circulating on how Kosher Kush got its name: One claims that it was the first commercial marijuana strain to be blessed by a rabbi; another claims that a clone was acquired from a group of Jewish breeders by DNA Genetics, where it was further developed into Kosher Kush.

Whatever its origin, Kosher Kush has earned quite a name for itself by consistently testing at THC levels as high as 29%. You can expect the bud of this flower to give off a pungent, herbal aroma that can be spicy on the inhale.

Kosher Kush is relaxing to both body and mind: Its sedative effects can leave even the most experienced cannabis consumers glued to the couch, which is a perfect place to also enjoy the serenity and cerebral calm that this strain has to offer. Newcomers to cannabis should note that Kosher Kush’s high THC content should not be taken lightly.

This indica strain’s heavy physical effects are best known for helping those with insomnia and severe pain. Its mood elevating properties can be a good fit for medical marijuana patients looking for nightly relief from stress, anxiety and depression. Kosher Kush is also said to inspire a serious case of the munchies, making it an easy choice for those suffering from appetite loss and/or who need to put on weight.

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