Lamb's Bread

16–25% THC <1% CBD

With an upbeat, long-lasting high, Lamb’s Bread is an ideal wake-and-bake marijuana strain. Use it to exercise, run errands and enhance your creativity.

Lamb’s Bread, sometimes called Lamb’s Breath, is a landrace sativa from Jamaica that’s been around for decades. Said to be a favorite of legendary musician Bob Marley, this cannabis strain often clocks in at 19–25% THC.

The flowers of this cannabis strain are known for being a vibrant lime green and covered with a frosty coating of trichomes. Cannabis consumers note that this strain has a pungent, cheesy and skunky aroma with plenty of spice on the exhale.

Lamb’s Bread provides consumers with a clear-headed, uplifting high that’s ideal for daytime activities like exercising and running errands. It also imparts deep mental stimulation that can enhance creativity or help you get over mental barriers.

Medical marijuana patients enjoy Lamb’s Bread for its euphoric, energizing effects that can help with fatigue and mood disorders like depression and anxiety. Consumers should note, however, that because of this cannabis strain’s high-THC content, it’s best to temper dosage, as too much THC can also lead to anxiety or paranoia.

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