Mango Kush

10–16% THC <1% CBD

With its distinctive flavor and aroma, Mango Kush is an affable and easygoing cannabis strain—a good option for low-key social events where you can dip out once its deeply relaxing properties start to kick in.

Mango was a popular indica strain in the hippie heyday of the 1960s while Hindu Kush is an indigenous marijuana strain often used to make hashish; cross them with each other and you get Mango Kush—a mellow, yet sociable cannabis strain with a low THC content that’s a good option for beginners.

Mango and marijuana are thought to go well together because the high myrcene (a type of aromatic compound) content in mangoes may enhance the effects of THC—because of this, breeders sometimes create cannabis strains with this notion in mind. Mango Kush, perhaps a product of this thought process, really does smell like mango with undertones of banana. Its taste is similar and also includes some earthiness on the exhale.

The effects of Mango Kush are sleep-inducing, but feelings of drowsiness tend to come on later. Consumers report an initial rush of euphoria, laughter and sociability that can make you a hit at parties. It’s only about one to two hours after consumption that this indica-dominant hybrid’s sedative properties begin to take hold, making it a good option to consume before dinner or during dessert.

The deep body melt caused by this cannabis strain is an ideal fit for medical marijuana patients with joint or other types of pain. Mango Kush is also known for increasing appetite and making the consumer quite talkative—a boon for those hampered by social anxieties. While this is a good strain for novices, like most strains, overconsumption can still lead to classic cannabis negatives like dizziness, cotton mouth and yes—even anxiety.

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