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6–15% THC 6–15% CBD

If you’re interested in a low-key sativa, give Medihaze a try. This cannabis strain often has an even balance of THC and CBD, making it ideal daytime medicine.

Bred initially by CBD Crew, Medihaze is a descendant of Super Silver Haze, sativa staple Haze and an unknown, high-CBD marijuana strain. As such, Medihaze consistently has a CBD-to-THC ratio of 1 to 1, and in many instances, its CBD content can range much higher.

This variety has a unique scent that’s reminiscent of pine, earth and mint. The coming together of such a distinctive blend of aromas is pleasing to some and not to others, who may interpret its smell as being almost chemical in nature. Medihaze’s flavor is also unique, with hints of sourness, pine and pepper. Its buds tend to be light green and fluffy, which is common in high-CBD marijuana strains.

Haze-based strains can sometimes be too much for those sensitive to THC. But the balance of CBD may make this strain more accessible to consumers who tend to shy away from racy sativas.

However, if you’re anxiety-prone, it’s still best to practice caution and first consume Medihaze at home, where little is at stake. For those who tolerate energizing sativas well, it’s an ideal wake-and-bake cannabis strain; it can be used throughout the day with minimal psychoactivity.

Medihaze’s high-CBD content makes it popular among medical marijuana consumers, who find relief in its physical and mental effects. It can be used to relax the body and mind, making it suitable daytime medicine for those looking to alleviate pain, stress and depression. Its high-CBD content and sativa nature may also make it a good option for those looking to quit smoking.

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