MK Ultra

16–28% THC <1% CBD

An indica with a heavy-handed reputation, medical marijuana consumers can use MK Ultra to ease pain and insomnia. This cannabis strain is best reserved for the evening or lazy days when relaxing is your main objective.

Named after a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) mind-control program that sought to manipulate people’s mental states, it’s no surprise that MK Ultra has a reputation as being one of the most powerful indicas in existence.

A cross between OG Kush and G13, MK Ultra has dense, sticky flowers and a THC level that usually clocks in at around 16–28%. This cannabis strain has an earthy flavor and can be quite pungent; its aroma is woody, sometimes with hints of fuel and citrus.

“Hypnotic” is often a word used to describe this strain, and it’s easy to see why: MK Ultra has a heavy, sedative-like effect that’s best reserved for the evening. Expect droopy eyelids, couch lock and a bit of giddiness that will help you slip into a peaceful slumber. Those new to cannabis or who are sensitive to THC should proceed with caution: Too much MK Ultra may cause dizziness.

This strain’s heavy-hitting physical effects are a boon for medical marijuana patients suffering from pain, insomnia and muscle spasms. MK Ultra’s soothing nature may also help those with PTSD, anxiety, stress and other issues related to mood.

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