Moby Dick

21–27% THC <1% CBD

With a high-THC content that usually clocks in at the 20th percentile, Moby Dick isn’t for beginners. Those with enough cannabis experience under their belts will find that Moby Dick imparts a strong, euphoric buzz and mellow physical sensations.

Bred by Dinafem Seeds in Amsterdam, Moby Dick is a popular sight in Canada and Europe. A cross between Haze and White Widow, this sativa-dominant hybrid is known for its high yields and abundant trichmones, making it a favorite among cannabis growers.

Cannabis consumers can expect sweet, pungent and citrusy smells with an earthy flavor from this marijuana strain. Moby Dick’s buds are dense and elongated, with dark orange hairs and a sugary coating of trichomes, which are likely a nod to its parent strain, White Widow. Because of this, Moby Dick is a popular option for making cannabis concentrates.

Moby Dick is said to impart a strong cerebral experience, reminiscent of both of its parents. This mental euphoria is then rounded out by physical effects, which are evident, though they tend to take a back seat.

If you want to liven up a social occasion, Moby Dick is a good choice: It’s uplifting nature tends to spark animated, philosophical conversation. Moby Dick can also spice up mundane activities like cleaning the house and walking the dog. Overall, this cannabis strain is a good choice for daytime excursions, just keep in mind that as Moby Dick’s effects fade, you may find yourself ready for a nap.

Medical marijuana consumers looking to alleviate depression or stress may find Moby Dick’s euphoric qualities useful. This cannabis strain also provides decent pain relief, so if you have mild to moderate pain, Moby Dick can serve as your daytime medicine.

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