Pineapple Express

15–26% THC ≤1% CBD

In spite of its pop culture-induced stoner association, Pineapple Express is an even-keeled hybrid suitable for a variety of daytime activities. This marijuana strain’s invigorating mental qualities and delightful physical effects can boost mood and aid those with social anxieties and depression.

Popularized by a stoner comedy of the same name, Pineapple Express isn’t as rare as the movie would have you believe. Inheriting the strong aroma of pineapple from Hawaiian and the euphoric qualities of Trainwreck, this sativa-dominant hybrid cross is reasonably easy to find along the West Coast.

Pineapple Express gives consumers a euphoric head high and gentle body buzz that are both manageable and uplifting. Consumers report mental stimulation and a heightening of senses that then settle into a pleasant, tingling body sensation. Its well-balanced nature makes it a great tool for artists, imparting creativity and enough energy to turn their thoughts into tangible work. Beginners should take note that, while this marijuana strain has great daytime applications, as effects start to diminish, some consumers may experience drowsiness.

The blissful and calming nature of Pineapple Express makes it a good companion for folks suffering from social anxieties and mood disorders. Many medical marijuana patients with depression, chronic fatigue and trouble eating report positive experiences with this cannabis strain as well.

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