Purple Urkle

16–26% THC <1% CBD

A classic indica, Purple Urkle has been around the California cannabis scene since the 1980s. Use this cannabis strain to wind down at the end of a taxing work day, or as a way to relax after an intense workout.

Some folks say that this strain originated in West Hollywood, while others say the Emerald Triangle. Regardless of its exact birth location, it’s clear that Purple Urkle is a homegrown California cannabis strain that’s likely an offshoot of Mendocino Purps.

Unsurprisingly, its buds are purple, with a stout structure and plenty of lengthy orange hairs. Cannabis consumers can expect a sweet, berry aroma with some skunkiness from Purple Urkle flower. Many cannabis connoisseurs compare its smell to the cereal Fruity Pebbles.

It has strong physical effects that tend to put consumers to sleep. It’s heavy-bodied sensations make it a good cannabis strain to use while taking a long, luxurious bath. Definitely a nighttime or lazy-day strain, use Purple Urkle to reward yourself after a long day or week.

Purple Urkle’s prominent body buzz makes it a good candidate for treating different types of pain. This cannabis strain is said to be great for nausea, and as such, can boost appetite in medical marijuana patients with cachexia, AIDS or those undergoing chemotherapy. Additionally, it can also help folks with gastrointestinal issues.

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