Red Congolese

18–20%THC 1% CBD

Descended from the African, Mexican and Afghani landrace strains, Red Congolese is pure sativa. Pick this cannabis strain up if you’re trying to knock out a lengthy to-do list.

To those unfamiliar with the cannabis world, Red Congolese (or Red Congo, for short) is atypical: A mix of African, Mexican and Afghani landrace genetics, this marijuana strain boasts bright, classic sativa effects that’ll have you buzzing to get things done.

Cannabis consumers say that this strain tends to have a sweet, earthy fragrance with hints of spice, though it isn’t particularly known for an alluring aroma or flavor. Look for the characteristic red and orange hues on Red Congolese’s flowers, which give this strain its name.

What Red Congolese lacks in flavor and aroma, it makes up for in mental effects. This marijuana strain imparts a mental rush that heightens the senses and allows your thoughts to move more freely. Cannabis consumers can also expect clear-headed euphoria and enhanced focus, making Red Congolese an invaluable tool in completing complex tedious tasks. These effects are likely why Red Congolese is also a favorite workout strain among athletes.

Red Congolese’s ability to enhance focus makes it a good match for those with ADD or ADHD. This cannabis strain’s mood-boosting effects are also a good fit for those with depression, and its uplifting nature can help combat chronic fatigue. Red Congo also boasts, a light, tingly body high that can help medical marijuana patients alleviate pain.

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