Skunk #1

14–19% THC

If you’re looking for a versatile daytime or nighttime companion, look no further than Skunk #1. This influential hybrid is the basis for some of the most popular and well-loved marijuana strains on the market today, including Sour Diesel and Green Crack.

Originally bred in the 1970s by Sacred Seeds, Skunk #1 is one of the most recognizable and influential strains in the modern cannabis world. Descended from Afghani, Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold, this hybrid’s offspring includes the likes of Cheese, Island Sweet Skunk and Grape Ape.

In spite of Skunk #1’s popularity, it bears a moderate THC content that usually ranges around 14–19% THC. True to its name, you can expect sour, skunky and earthy notes emanating from this marijuana strain’s flowers.

Skunk #1’s manageable THC content and easygoing nature make it a great pass-around at social occasions. Cannabis consumers can expect a relaxed, upbeat high that can be a bit hazy for some. Overall, this strain is versatile: Use it to give you a boost while running afternoon errands, or bring it along on an evening outing with friends.

If you’re looking to boost appetite, Skunk #1 may be a good fit. Known for reducing nausea and triggering a serious case of the munchies, Skunk #1 can aid those undergoing chemotherapy or folks with cachexia. This strain also boasts pleasant mental effects, making it useful for medical marijuana patients with depression and anxiety.

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