Snoop's Dream

18–26% THC <1% CBD

Though technically not endorsed by its namesake, Snoop’s Dream is very much like the image of well-loved, hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg. This affable, relaxed marijuana strain is a great companion on a day where taking it easy is your priority.

Popular in the Pacific Northwest, Snoop’s Dream is a cross between crowd favorite Blue Dream and Master Kush. Snoop’s Dream is an indica-dominant hybrid that offers a laid-back, giggly experience, reminiscent of the personality of its namesake: legendary rapper and cannabis connoisseur Snoop Dogg.

Taking after Blue Dream, Snoop’s Dream has a sweet, berry flavor with hints of citrus and earth. The flowers of this cannabis strain are medium-sized and dense, with occasional purple hues, depending on its growing environment.

If you’re looking for a mellow Goldilocks cannabis strain, Snoop’s Dream may be the right choice for you. With easygoing, blissful cerebral effects that are balanced by a gentle body buzz, Snoop’s Dream combines some of the best aspects of indica and sativa in one package.

Use Snoop’s Dream on relaxed daytime excursions, like a walk in the park or picnic on the beach. Snoop’s Dream can also add a little something special to a low-key night in with friends. Although best reserved for late afternoon or nighttime use, more experienced cannabis consumers may be able to use Snoop’s Dream during the day to add a little silliness to mundane activities.

This marijuana strain’s upbeat, mellow nature makes it a good match for those who need a mood boost. If you’re looking for a way to de-stress, Snoop’s Dream is an excellent choice. Medical marijuana patients looking to relieve headaches or migraines may also want to try this strain, as it’s said to impart face-numbing sensations.

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