Strawberry Banana

17–26% THC <1% CBD

Bred for a high-trichome production, Strawberry Banana is a sweet-smelling marijuana strain that’s a popular choice for making concentrates and hash. Cannabis consumers enjoy Strawberry Banana for its calming effects, which are a good fit for those with anxiety, stress and depression.

Originally bred by DNA Genetics and Serious Seeds, Strawberry Banana is a cross between Banana Kush and a phenotype of the cannabis strain Bubblegum that emitted a strawberry aroma. Today, Strawberry Banana is popular along the West Coast of the U.S.

You guessed it: Strawberry Banana smells a lot like strawberries and bananas, with the addition of earthy undertones. Much like its smell, Strawberry Banana has a sweet, fruity flavor. This marijuana strain’s buds are a vibrant green and covered with trichomes—a trait that it was initially bred for. Because of this trichome density, it’s a popular choice for making concentrates and hash, both of which tend to bear its appealing berry aroma.

Strawberry Banana is a hybrid that tends to have more indica-dominant effects. Initially, marijuana consumers can expect a calming, mood-boosting high. As time goes on, the effects may become more sedating. More experienced cannabis consumers may be able to use this strain to soothe jitters during the day. But for most of us, Strawberry Banana’s hazy effects are best saved for the evening or a lazy weekend.

Strawberry Banana’s relaxing, mood-elevating properties can be a good fit for medical marijuana patients who want relief from stress, anxiety or depression. This marijuana strain may also induce drowsiness, so it can be a good choice for those with insomnia.

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