Super Sour Diesel

18–24% THC >1% CBD

Precisely named, Super Sour Diesel packs a powerful diesel aroma with potent cerebral effects. This super sativa hybrid averages 20% THC so novice cannabis consumers should consume with caution. When enjoyed appropriately, consumers can expect a happy and relaxing high.

A cross between Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze, this strain emanates some of the best traits of its famous parents: It’s a stinky strain with beautiful, trichome-covered buds. Its flowers are light green with frosty white trichomes, and its pungent scent of fuel has subtle, earthy notes. Many will notice a skunky and sour taste upon inhaling, and a spicy, herbal flavor when exhaling.

This strain will leave consumers feeling cheerful, uplifted, relaxed and energetic. True to its sativa nature, Super Sour Diesel is a great option for the daytime and social outings due to its strong cerebral effects, which impart euphoria and creativity. The effects of this strain are noticeable almost immediately upon consumption. Additionally, it is said to be a delightful option for hangover recovery.

Medical marijuana patients may find this strain useful in relieving migraines and eye pressure. It’s also an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from stress, depression, anxiety or chronic pain. The intense cerebral effects may be invigorating to some, but consuming too much may lead to paranoia.

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