18–22% THC 2% CBD

Named after the mandarin orange fruit hybrid of Morocco, Tangerine is a sweet cannabis strain that satisfies citrus cravings. Not to be confused with Tangie, it is well known for its tropical fragrance and flavor, this sativa-dominant hybrid will provide a bubbly, energizing experience.

Tangerine was created by Ch9 Female Seeds, a team of cannabis growers originally from Europe. Although the genetic data of Tangerine has been mostly kept a mystery, many suspect that it’s the fourth generation daughter of Ch9’s signature seed, Aroma, another cannabis strain infamous for emitting sweet scent. It is often found as concentrates and in edibles due to its distinct flavor profile.

Its buds are lime green and frosted in crystal trichomes. The flowers also grow fine orange hairs that are as bright as a tangerine. As this cannabis strain’s name suggests, consumers can expect a citrusy aroma. Tangerine’s flavor is smooth upon consumption and leaves a sweet, fruity aftertaste once exhaled.

An ideal strain for the daytime, Tangerine will leave you feeling uplifted, focused and energized. Its effects are strong yet smooth, leading to giggles and intense joy. True to its sativa nature, Tangerine’s effects start out cerebral before turning into full body relaxation, minus the sleepiness.

Medical marijuana patients will love Tangerine’s powerful, mood boosting effects; it’s a good option for those struggling with anxiety, stress, depression and PTSD. Tangerine also averages 2% CBD, so it’s a great choice for medical issues such as chronic pain, inflammation, migraines and nausea. Overall, Tangerine can be consumed while still remaining functional, making it the perfect strain for any time of day.

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