14–24% THC

A landrace strain from Thailand, Thai is likely the classic sativa, whose offspring includes the likes of Haze, Chemdawg and AK-47. Believed to be bred out of existence by some, if you happen to find this cannabis strain in its original form, expect a buzzy, cerebral experience that’s akin to a cup of coffee.

Thai, or Thai Sticks, refers to cannabis strains that originated from the country of Thailand. During the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s, these strains were brought to the U.S. where they were crossed with other marijuana strains to create some of the cannabis world staples we know today, like Blueberry and Chocolope.

Many in the cannabis industry argue that Thai in its original form no longer exists today. The cannabis strain has been bred out of existence, they say. Thai can be hard to grow, due to its native tropical climate, but you can occasionally find it on dispensary shelves, usually in Washington. The strains labeled Thai today have a citrusy, earthy aroma and have THC levels in the 14–24% range.

Sativa lovers rejoice: Thai imparts an uplifting cerebral high that can be overwhelming for some. If you’re the type that tends to get anxious from too much cannabis, steer clear of Thai. Conversely, if you relish in strains that set your mind abuzz, give Thai a try—if you can find it. This is an ideal strain for getting focused and completing tasks.

Thai tends to have more mental effects than physical, thus it’s not a great fit for medical marijuana patients seeking pain relief. However, those with ADD, ADHD or chronic fatigue syndrome may benefit from this cannabis strain.

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