The White

18–29% THC <1% CBD

A mysterious, potent flower, The White boasts a thick, silvery coat of trichomes and a high THC content. If you’re looking to combine the best of both sativa and indica, give The White a try—if you can find it.

A strain with unknown origins, The White is said to hail from the Florida cities of Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa, and may have borne the original name Triangle. Given its name and appearance, it’s tempting to think that The White is a descendant of White Widow. However, this marijuana strain’s parentage remains a mystery.

The White is said to have some earthy, floral qualities, though they aren’t particularly distinctive. This marijuana strain doesn’t have the vivacious aromas and flavors that some strains are often lauded for. In fact, what makes The White memorable is its noticeable lack of aroma and flavor. Named for the coating of silvery-white trichomes that cover its flowers, it’s no wonder that The White has a high-THC content that hovers in the 20th percentile.

A solid hybrid, The White imparts a nice balance of physical and mental effects. Upon inhaling, cannabis consumers will first note a strong, cerebral euphoria that then settles into a relaxing body buzz. Generally not recommended for those new to cannabis, The White can be an all-purpose tool for more experienced consumers. Those looking for a way to enhance a lazy afternoon can turn to The White, while others who want to relax after a long day may also find this strain useful.

The White’s soothing physical effects and uplifting cerebral nature make it useful for alleviating pain during the day. This cannabis strain may also help those with ADD, ADHD and stress.

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