12–21% THC <1% CBD

Trainwreck is a fast-acting, sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with powerful mental and physical qualities that make it a favorite in the medical marijuana community.

No one knows how Trainwreck got its name—one story goes that two brothers in the 1970s had to move their marijuana crops when a train wrecked near their grow site; others simply say that this cannabis strain was named for knockout effects that make the consumer feel as though they’ve been hit by a freight train. Regardless of its hazy history, Trainwreck’s well-balanced, yet heavy-hitting properties make it highly sought after among cannabis enthusiasts and medical marijuana consumers alike.

Said to be a cross between three indigenous cannabis strains from Thailand, Mexico and Afghanistan, Trainwreck represents the best parts of its mixed heritage with powerful cerebral euphoria and body-melting sensations—beginners to cannabis should proceed with caution. A sativa-dominant hybrid, Trainwreck can provide mental clarity and focus; its Afghani roots also shine through with sedative qualities that make it a good fit for relaxing in the afternoon or late evening.

Often lauded by medical marijuana patients, Trainwreck’s powerful physical and mental effects are applicable to a wide array of conditions. Many users with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and ADD/ADHD swear by this strain, while its body-numbing properties make it a good choice for pain relief from joint stiffness or muscle tension.

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