High CBD


12–15% CBD >6% THC

Medical marijuana patients who manage to get their hands on some Trident flowers are in luck: This high-CBD cannabis strain typically has anywhere from 12–15% CBD and less than 6% THC. Use this marijuana strain during the day to combat pain, anxiety and muscle tension.

No one knows where Trident came from or who its parents are, but this high-CBD cannabis strain consistently tests in at around 12–15% CBD with less than 6% THC, making it a good fit for medical marijuana patients who want to medicate during the day with minimum psychoactive effects.

Cannabis consumers can expect Trident’s buds to be bright green with hairs that appear almost golden. Take a whiff of this marijuana strain’s flowers, and you’ll notice an aroma of pine and earth, with a bit of pungency.

Trident’s high-CBD content means that it can be useful for those who want to slowly up their THC tolerance, as it does have small amounts of this particular cannabinoid. Consumers may experience tingly body sensations, a small burst of energy and uplifted mood.

Trident is popular in the medical marijuana community for all of the reasons that high-CBD strains usually are: It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, can be effective against anxiety, and can help ease muscle tension and spasms. CBD’s antispasmodic tendencies are likely why some people with epilepsy see such good results when consuming it.

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