White Fire OG

22–30% THC <1% CBD

One of the strongest cannabis strains on the market, White Fire OG blends invigorating mental stimulation and deep body relaxation—a combo that’s a boon for medical marijuana patients seeking pain relief that will still leave them moderately functional.

Inheriting the potent physical effects of OG Kush and the beautiful crystal appearance of The White, White Fire OG (WiFi OG) is a robust cannabis hybrid that combines the mental uplift of sativas with the heavy-bodied sensations of an indica.

With a soaring THC content that ranges from 22–30%, White Fire OG is best for experienced cannabis consumers. It’s thick, creamy smoke has also been known to induce a cough or two, so those with sensitive lungs should keep this in mind. This sativa-dominant hybrid has enough cerebral stimulation for the daytime, but consumers should bear in mind that the indica qualities of this strain can also be quite powerful—if you’re the type that’s susceptible to indica’s sleep-inducing properties, it may be best to reserve this marijuana strain for nighttime or low-key days.

For medical marijuana patients seeking potent pain relief during the day, the uplifting sativa qualities in White Fire OG make it a great alternative to pain management that’s usually only achieved through sleep-inducing indica varieties. However, consumers should bear in mind that this strain will still produce sedation when taken in heavy doses.

Some consumers have mentioned a pleasant sensation in the face and eyes—perhaps why those who suffer from migraines and glaucoma mention benefits from this cannabis strain. White Fire OG’s ability to stimulate appetite and quell nausea also make it a popular choice for cancer patients looking for relief from chemotherapy side effects.

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