January 5, 2017

Can i take cannabis with bystolic?

It appears that you may take Bystolic with your cannabis since I could not find any drug to drug interaction information in Drugs.com, Cannabis Drug

Terpene content of your oil?

"You mention that "We use Essential Oils which are cocktails of terpenes" but the lab analysis on your website lists N/A for every terpene. I

Is testosterone breaking me out?

"I am a female, age 25, and I smoke weed daily). I believe the testosterone is breaking me out, but I really do not want

Effective Strains for Back Pain

Many varieties of cannabis are helpful for back pain. Indica strains generally are more suited to treat pain, while sativas have more cerebral effects. CBD

Exeffor xr and cannibis

"My wife is on 225 mg dose of exeffor and is using two strains of cannibis one is a daytime which has less than 1%

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