March 3, 2017


Chronic pain in my back and PMR

"I crushed my t12 in my spine 2 yrs ago and have chronic pain in my back. I also have PMR which is polymyalgia ruematica. …


after you pour the butter through the cheese cloth can you dry and smoke the left over

After the flower/trim has been cooked with butter, all or most of the THC and CBD has been removed. There will also be remnants of …


How do you make canna-butter?

Hi there! Check out our article on how to make your own Cannabutter – Cannabis-Infused Butter Recipe: Make Your Own Since you are interested …


What is good powerful strain for sleep apnea?

Several more conservative and safe interventions should be attempted to help with insomnia related to sleep apnea before considering any cannabis product. First, you should …

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