March 23, 2017


my friend has 1:1 CBD:THC pills that r 2.5 mg each they r from a dispensary. will they work 2 help her sleep?

"This is for my mom who doesn’t smoke or tried marijuana in her life. " I have difficulty with anything with THC when it comes …


Can you ship to Scotland?

Unfortunately, laws do not allow us to ship even across the state lines of which the product was made and sold. Although, Scotland has just …


does cannabis cause constipation?

No I have never heard of cannabis in any form causing constipation. Actually cannabis seems to stimulate the digestive system, and for many people, encourage …


Does cannabis cause constipation?

Not usually. CBD actually regulates gut motility. It appears to speed up motility in patients who are constipated so they become more regular. On the …


Does Hemp seed oil contain CBD?

The overall cannabinoid content in industrial hemp is very low and is not a bountiful source of cannabidiol compared to CBD-rich cannabis (which Project CBD …


Would you recommend that I ingest cannabis oil rather than smoke cannabis?

"I’m dealing with cancer." Yes, my personal opinion is that those who take cannabis oil by ingestion have far better results than smoking. Smoking is …

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