February 13, 2018

Cannabis & Sex: A Brief World History

Cannabis’s properties as an aphrodisiac are no secret—its ability to induce relaxation and euphoria, increase blood flow and improve tactile sensations likely play a role.

What strain is best for tremors?

"My wife has been approved for medical marijuana. She suffers from tremors which have been diagnosed as medication-induced Parkinson’s symptoms and anxiety. She has tried

Do edibles need a healthy liver?

"I have cirrhosis and COPD so I have a hard time smoking it and for some reason edibles/tinctures do not work at all…#cantgetstoned" Hi there!

Top 6 Cannabis Products for Sports Recovery

Cannabis’s anti-inflammatory properties are no secret: From folks afflicted with arthritis to stiletto-clad celebrities with achy feet on the red carpet, it seems that everyone

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