August 25, 2018


My mother suffers from Parkinson's Disease and spinal stenosis

"Would you recommend a particular CBD product for relief of her pain (mostly back and leg pain)? Would you recommend adding THC to the CBD …


I am looking for a drinkable cannabis substitute for a glass of wine, with similar effects.

Hello there! You may be interested in Kikoko’s line of medicated tea bags. A single tea bag’s effect should be comparable to the effects of …


What is the equivalent dosage cbt oil to 10 mg Lexapro? How long should I be off Lexapro before starting Cbt oil? Is it safe to take can’t oil with sim vista tin and melatonin?

Hi there! There is preliminary research showing that low doses of cannabis activate serotonergic neurons, thereby increasing serotonin—and has even been shown to exert potent …


What are the hours for renewal?

"@ Debbie69 " Hi there, Our doctors are online ready to see patients from 9 AM to 7 PM PST, and their last appointment of …


How long does it tak for a pharmacist to call back? I called my dispensceray on Tuesday and again today, still no answer from the pharmacist.

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