5 Cannabis Products to Replace Your Morning Coffee

There are few things that can get your morning started quite like a cup of coffee. Sure, there’s the taste and aroma that most of us have come to love, but for many, drinking coffee is about the boost of energy and focus that comes just moments after your first few sips.

Coffee gets you going in the morning. It keeps you going all day. And for some, it’s an option for another energy boost at night.


But coffee also has its downsides. Besides the addictive aspect of coffee, it can make you feel:

  • Jittery
  • Stressed
  • Anxious

After drinking coffee, some folks also suffer from:

  • Upset stomach
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Headaches

I used to drink coffee every day, but about 15 years ago my doctors told me I had to stop. My stress and anxiety were getting out of hand and leading to all kinds of negative symptoms.

The doctors told me that the first step to healing was to cut out coffee and caffeine of any kind. I couldn’t imagine how I would continue without my daily source of energy. But I listened to my doctors and gave it up.

Going off of coffee helped with my anxiety. But honestly, I was exhausted for years without it.

Then I discovered cannabis.

As it turns out, cannabis can provide many of the same energizing and focus-boosting effects that coffee can, but without the same negative side effects. Once I found the right cannabis products for me, I was able to keep my energy high and my stress levels low.

And science backs this up. A recent study has even discovered that coffee actually has the opposite effect to cannabis when it comes to our endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Cannabinoids in cannabis can activate this system of receptors found throughout the body. This can lead to reduced stress.

Meanwhile, coffee actually does the opposite. It decreases ECS activation, which increases stress and the risk of other adverse health effects.

In other words, with cannabis you can get the energy and focus that’s associated with coffee along with some top-notch stress relief. This is a big win-win for your daily routine.

Curious about how you can replace coffee with cannabis? Here are five cannabis products especially chosen to boost your energy and keep you focused all day.


1. Green Cush Pre-Rolls by Marley Natural

Marley Natural Pre-Rolls

When it comes to energy, positive mood and focus, few marijuana strains are as well suited as Green Cush is. This is why it’s great news that Marley Natural has some Green Cush pre-rolls ready to go.

If you prefer smoking cannabis flower as your method of consumption, you’ll find this to be an ideal replacement for your coffee fix. You may even be surprised at how effective it is. Just a few puffs off of one of these joints will help most folks increase their energy and focus.

2. Energizing Peppermints by Mr. Moxey’s Mints

If edibles are more your thing, you may want to try something simple and discreet like these Energizing Peppermints by Mr. Moxey’s Mints.

These tasty little mints are designed with energy in mind. They contain a full-spectrum dose of energetic sativa cannabis concentrate and even have some added Siberian ginseng and ginkgo leaf for even more focus and energy.

3. Cinex or Cherry AK Monarch Vape Cartridges by Legion of Bloom

If you prefer vaping your cannabis, you should definitely try out these Monarch vape cartridges from Legion of Bloom. These cartridges are some of the best around for taste and effect, because of their high levels of cannabis-derived terpenes.

Try the Cinex vape pen for a strain with classic sativa effects like energy, focus and creativity.

Of course, people react differently to different cannabis strains. Not everyone can handle sativa strains like Green Cush and Cinex. Some, like myself, do better with hybrids that run on the energetic side.

[If you tend to prefer more indicas and indica-dominant hybrids when you consume cannabis, the Cherry AK vape cartridge may be a better fit for you. Cherry AK is a cannabis strain known for promoting a positive and relaxed mood. And while not usually suggested as a way to boost energy, for those with sativa sensitivities it may provide exactly what you need.

4. Stimulate Tablinguals by Level

While most cannabis products rely on tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and terpenes for their energizing effects, the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) has actually been shown to have energizing properties as well. Some even say this is a cleaner, more focused energy than what they get with the usual THC products.


If you’d like to test out THCV yourself, try out these Stimulate Tablinguals by Level. Each sublingual tablet is designed to dissolve in your mouth for a rapid onset that’s similar to that of inhaled methods.

Each tablingual is a microdose (1 mg of THC and 1 mg of THCV each), so you can keep the amount you consume small, if needed. You can always take more than one tablingual or split them in half for a more personalized experience.

5. Positivi-Tea by Kikoko

If you’d like to keep things consistent with your normal rituals, you can also always switch out one hot drink for another, specifically Kikoko’s Positivi-Tea. This cannabis tea is designed to lift your mood and spirits, making it the perfect alternative to your morning cup of joe.

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If you’re new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 index of articles. And if you have questions about cannabis, ask them and our community will answer.


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