Cannabis & Yoga: An Active Lifestyle with Marijuana?

After enduring multiple painful surgeries and finding little balance or relief with traditional pain medications, Nick became co founder of Outset Edibles, an ‘active lifestyle’ edibles company. Outset focuses on healthy dried fruit edibles dosed in manageable 5mg to 10mg micro serving sizes. In his first post, Nick talks about his journey to health with edibles and his company’s dedication to wellness through yoga + cannabis classes.

My Journey into Edibles

If you’ve been to a dispensary, you have seen them, the homemade plastic wrapped cannabis cookie or brownie edible sitting on the display table. They’re sugar laden, improperly labeled and seem designed to put you in a coma if you’re an edibles newbie. After having my own horrible edibles trip, I dreamed of creating a new breed of edibles designed to integrate with a normal every day lifestyle, without causing whole-day-couch-lock. My new-world edible would be micro-dosed, so you wouldn’t need to worry about eating too much. Lastly, my fantasy edible would be healthy, organic, and cater to an active lifestyle community of cannabis consumers. Living in San Francisco, I knew this community existed.

My personal mission became to create an all natural, vegan edible that could be easily dosed and enjoyed everyday. After enduring multiple sports injuries, which required numerous knee surgeries, I found myself using too many pharmaceutical prescriptions. Wanting to both alleviate pain as well as stay physically fit, I started looking for pain management alternatives. The result is Outset, the company I created that manufactures a high-quality, low dose (5-10mg per serving) dried fruit edible. I knew if I could support my own physical recovery and mental wellness, hopefully I could help others as well.

Cannabis & Yoga Pairing

From the Outset’s beginning, our team felt passionate about nurturing the mind, body and spirit. Early on we chose to focus on education within the community of wellness minded patients. Several months ago we launched Outset’s first yoga/cannabis focused event to educate patients on specific products and strains of cannabis that pair well with various yoga sequences. Yoga is an amazing practice that seeks to connect the body with the mind. The end goal is not only physical wellness but the relaxation of the mind as well as connection to your inner bliss. The pairing of yoga and cannabis might seem like a bizarre combination, but cannabis and yoga enthusiasts often are seeking the same body-mind-connection result. We believe a yoga/cannabis pairing can display how cannabis consumers can combine a meditative practice with a physical one, such as yoga, while using cannabis.

For our first yoga/cannabis event, our focus was on the combination of cannabis with yoga in a comfortable and nurturing environment. Our class, called ‘VinyaSativa’, is a vinyasa flow paired with sativa dominant products meant to energize patients while at the same time creating a sense of equilibrium. The events success led us to create a more relaxed and nurturing sequence. ‘Yindica’, our new restorative yin sequence class, is now on offer and our yogi patients are paired with indica dominant products, which have a more meditative effect overall.

Cannabis & Yoga: a San Francisco Vibe

Our classes have been extremely well attended and yogis have sung their praises regarding the physical and emotional wellness they feel after a yoga/cannabis pairing event. Many people comment that they feel a deeper relaxation and sense of mental clarity. Our journey has only just begun as we continue to grow our class offering in our continuing community outreach efforts.

Cannabis infused yoga classes hosted by Outset are held at YogabeachSF studio in San Francisco, CA. Attendance is open to all California medical cannabis patients who have valid marijuana medical recommendations. Go to Outset Edibles to learn about future events.

If you are new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 post. HelloMD can help you get your medical marijuana recommendation; it’s 100% online, private and efficient.


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