The Best Cannabis Gummy for a Calm Effect – the Sparkling Strawberry Rose Gummies by Garden Society

Whatever the season, I often daydream that I’m sitting on a white beach, sand between my toes, while my cares and worries wash away with the tide. Allowing my mind to wander to far-off places is easy with the right cannabis product – ideally, one with a calming effect that also tastes and smells great. Garden Society’s new Sparkling Strawberry Rose Gummies fits that bill with its targeted effects, creating a sense of calm and focus. A welcome addition any day!

Garden Society: A Pioneering Cannabis Company

Garden Society - a cannabis company for and about women who enjoy cannabis

Garden Society was founded in 2016 in California, where medical marijuana became legal in 1996. Garden Society creates delicious, craft cannabis edibles and sun-grown pre-rolls uniting responsible farming, sustainable ingredients, and strain-specific cannabis.

Garden Society: A Woman-Owned & Led Cannabis Company

As cannabis pioneers, this women-owned weed company constantly strives to create the perfect marijuana products to elevate, provide relief, and infuse daily life with some good ol’ canna-bliss. Personally, I fell in love with Garden Society after hearing their background story. It’s a tale of two ass-kicking boss ladies at work with a wine country background and vibe, along with a strong love of cannabis.

Erin Gore and Karli Warner - the Founders of Garden Society

Garden Society: A Woman-Owned & Led Cannabis Company

Woman-owned and led by founders Erin Gore and Karli Warner, Garden Society is on a mission to redefine cannabis for women. The company began with the idea of bringing joy to women’s lives through artfully designed and carefully curated cannabis products.

Founder Erin Gore has a deep history in the wine industry and a love of cannabis. She felt it was a natural next step to move into the cannabis industry. With a background steeped in deep science she quickly became fluent in cannabis science and production. Her Co-Founder, Karli Warner, is also from the wine industry. Karli matches Erin’s passion for marijuana and brings rich experience with public relations and marketing to the company.

The two women have cut serious business chops, leading their company through the rocky transition to recreational cannabis in California and not only surviving but thriving. They recently closed a $7 million dollar funding round for their Series A round.

Review: Sparkling Strawberry Rose Gummies by Garden Society

The Sparkling Strawberry Rose Gummy by Garden Society

After learning about Garden Society, and the new release of their marijuana-infused gummies, I was keen to get my hands on them!

Looking on the Garden Society website, I was able to see that Jane Dispensary near me in Santa Rosa, California carries the Sparkling Strawberry Rosé Gummies. Each gummy contains 1mg of THC and 5mg of CBD, a nice ratio for anyone who might want to consume cannabis during a regular day. At $15 for 20 gummies, I was pleasantly surprised by the reasonable price point.

Garden Society has launched a new line of cannabis gummies inspired by wine country

The packaging is a soft pink with beautiful graphics and feels like a "real" brand – a far cry from the saran wrapped brownie of yesteryear! I noted the "rapid effect" wording in the upper left-hand corner of the package, which I don’t often think of when consuming edibles. Tearing open the bag, I grabbed a single, rose-colored gummy. Holding it in my hand, the edible looked like a small rosette!

I’m a huge fan of CBD and enjoy using it to supplement any stress or pain I may be feeling. I popped the rosé gummy in my mouth and enoyed the juicy flavors of strawberry, with a fruity undertone of sparkling rosé . In about 15 minutes I began to feel a calming effect wash over me. Within 30 minutes (and another gummy!), I felt significantly more relaxed. My muscles were loose, and I could feel myself vibrating to a slower, more calming beat.

I opened my book and spent the afternoon reading, and I hadn’t read so intently in some time.

If you’re feeling lethargic, less intentional in daily tasks, or simply looking to escape for an afternoon — I would highly recommend trying Garden Society’s Rosé Gummies. The company has an impressive mission, they taste incredible, and the effects are unparalleled.

The Tart Cherry Pinot Noir Cannabis Gummies by Garden Society

If you’re not a fan of the rosé flavor, they also have Tart Cherry Pinot Noir and Peach Prosecco flavored gummies.

Where to Purchase Garden Society’s Rosé Gummies

Garden Society is a California-based company, and its products are available across the state at marijuana retailers. You can find a dispensary or delivery service near you on the Garden Society website.

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