Rick Simpson Oil


Can Cannabis Shrink Tumors: Mike Voss Thinks So

Cannabis was always something Mike Voss, director of sales for the Venice Cookie Company, had enjoyed—through his youth and adulthood. But it took on new …


can you really buy RSO from online pharmacy?


Hi There,

"Ive been looking online for a store in Oregon which has a high THC content. One that I found with 75% THC and 7.5% CBD …


what is the percentage of THC in this tincture? Looking for cannabis oil for cancer treatment.

"Similar to that recommended by Rick Simpson." depending on how it is made. Try a Bhang Bar or a 4:20 bar. quality-fly-319


Is Bhutan CBD 1:20 tincture as powerful as Rick Simpson oil?

"What is recommended dosage for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF)?" First of all, the ratio 1:20 is that CBD/THC or THC/CBD? Rick simpson oil doesn’t talk …


What is the medical/chemical difference between bubble hash, Simpson oil, and coconut oil extraction?

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FDA Cracks Down on Fake Cancer Treatments

FDA Sends a Warning Shot The United States Food & Drug Administration recently handed out warning letters to fourteen companies that produce sixteen different products …


Can you vape RSO (Rick Simpson Oil)?

From personal experience, I have vaped RSO oil that I have made. It is important to know how it was produced and what solvent was …


Where can I buy Rick Simpson oil?

"I have hear good things about RSO and want to try it." Hi there- You can check out our Products section and search by "Rick …


I'm on medications for ADHD and did well w/ Rick Simpson Oil as suppliment. But now, it causes severe abdominal pain/diarrhea.

"What do you recommend?" Take a break from what you are using for a few days and try a new formulation or strain. Vaporized or …


I am learning about RSO and the benefits of cannabis oil. Is your oil different from Rick Simpson Oil?

"What do I need to know about when finding cannabis oil to take?" Great question and one that we get frequently. The concept of cannabis …


Will RSO Affect Other Medications Taken?

“My husband just started on RSO for his low-grade glioma. He is on several heart, high blood pressure, incontinence, and diabetic medications. Upon checking his …

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