Is the rectal usage of Hemp Oil – any good?

"Rectal usage of Hemp Oil / Rick Simpson Oil (with high THC) is recommended a lot because of various advantages (higher absorption and lesser high). Because of these advantages, my brother in law is taking the oil now via ‘the back door’ since he has stage 4 cancer.

Though recommended on some sites, I also read on another side that some research has been done and that actually THC Delta 9 does not get absorbed by rectal usage (see the following link

The MD on this forum first claims that rectal usage is great, however later on he advises that indeed rectal administration does not work.

Since we are fighting cancer, we would like to know for sure if rectal usage is advised or not.

If you could advise, that would be great!!


Robbert Roelofsen"

Yes cannabis can be absorbed rectally. I do not have experience with this method of cannabis administration, but many people are talking about the benefits of rectal cannabis. A larger percentage of the cannabinoids will be absorbed rectally than will be absorbed orally. I would utilize caution as the effects may be quite strong!


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