Talking Equity in Cannabis With Christine De La Rosa

Cannabis reform and legalization has been—and continues to be—a hard-fought battle. No one knows this...

Renewed the license. Do I need to wait for my new license to be able and go buy?

This is the battery for the pods, right? Just buy this and a pod and you’re good to g

Can I schedule a delivery to my office and do I need to be present?

Can you offer service to Florida Residents?

How can I get this if I'm outside your delivery area?

Please check DomPen’s website directly at https://www.dompen.co/find for locations near you if...

Best strain and method for getting off of restoral

" I have been on restoril for 28 years for severe insomnia and am trying to taper down and use the...

i want a delivery. Your website is very hard to manuever.

Where do I purchase it ?

Hello, AK-47 is a very common strain, which shouldn’t be too hard to find. You can always call...

Why do the Prices keep going up for repeat customers?

"I can get a rec for $35 down the street, and it works exactly the same as yours. I originally paid...

How do I get my care giver to accompany me to dispensary

Hi there! If you will be unable to pick up your medication at a dispensary yourself, California law allows...

I live in TN, 37067 and would like to try the petra mints, how can I order or purchase?

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