How do I purchase? Add to cart not available.

Where are my genomes? RTS address unknown? No such number ? No such zone? Delivery


How can someone in Ohio use your service?

Hi there! Unfortunately, our doctors service is currently only available to patients in California and...

If I am out of your delivery area does that mean I cannot buy products from you?

Hi there! Unfortunately this is correct! As of July 2018, our delivery service is currently available...

Is CBD legal to purchase everywhere in the United States?

Cannabis derived CBD is only legal to purchase in states where cannabis is legal. However, hemp derived...

Talking Equity in Cannabis With Christine De La Rosa

Cannabis reform and legalization has been—and continues to be—a hard-fought battle. No one knows this...

Renewed the license. Do I need to wait for my new license to be able and go buy?

This is the battery for the pods, right? Just buy this and a pod and you’re good to g

Can I schedule a delivery to my office and do I need to be present?

Can you offer service to Florida Residents?

How can I get this if I'm outside your delivery area?

Please check DomPen’s website directly at https://www.dompen.co/find for locations near you if...

Best strain and method for getting off of restoral

" I have been on restoril for 28 years for severe insomnia and am trying to taper down and use the...
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