Grape Ape


5 Cannabis Strains to Enhance Your Yoga Practice

here’s nothing quite like yoga after consuming cannabis to leave you feeling relaxed, balanced and synchronized. If you haven’t tried this growing trend, it’s pretty …


How Women Can Use Marijuana as a Mood Lifter

Mood swings, anxiety, depression—women approaching or over 40 often find that hormonal changes can wreak havoc on their mental and emotional state. And you thought …


4 Cannabis Strains for Better Workouts

As cannabis’s popularity reaches new heights, an increasing number of professional athletes are coming forward to discuss their marijuana use when it comes to their …


Is Grape Ape one of the best strains to smoke to combat insomnia?

Grape Ape is an indica, and so therefore should fit the bill. However, many people find that they fall asleep fast, but then wake later. …

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