Can you recommend the best cannabis oil to treat secondary estrogen positive breast cancer?

This certainly seems like a very scary question that you’re asking. Are you really asking for a cannabis oil to treat breast cancer that has reoccurred?
You can treat the symptoms with cannabis oil but I do not encourage you to treat cancer with Cannabis because there’s no proof other than anecdotal stories (and that is not proof, only someone else’s story) that cannabis may work.
I have 45 licensed years experience doing integrated medicine and I do think many people have been led down the wrong road to believe that cannabis will cure their cancer but unfortunately I have watched too many of those people go on to suffer bad consequences.
Please, find an oncologist you can trust and fight the cancer with known Western medical treatments while supporting yourself with Cannabis for the symptoms.
With current medical treatments for breast cancer there is a high rate of recovery or at least long remissions buying you time for a potential cure. You can never let down your guard when you have breast cancer because it can return as much is 30 years later.
If you have fear over further surgical and chemotherapy treatments, you must face your fears and walk-through them, do the treatments and hold intentions to survive.
I had a tremendous fear of chemotherapy and it made my treatment much worse, so I had to have a talk with myself to change my attitude and my chemotherapy from that point on was very easy and I feel I will live a long healthy life as long as I do regular follow-up visits and of course I’m doing my cannabis daily because I also believe in this medication and feel it helped save my life.
Consider picking up your phone and finding that new oncologist today, your life may depend on it. You are allowed to decide who is not right to see you and keep moving on until you find the right person. I have fired several doctors because they didn’t listen to me or they did not honor what I had to say about myself and my wishes in the time of turmoil. There are good and caring doctors out there that are waiting to see you.


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