Does cbd oil interact with Anastrozole? Should my mom wait until after surgery to start taking cbd oil?

"My mom has breast cancer and she’s interested in taking cbd oil. She’s taking 1mg of Anastrozole a day. Would there be any kind of reaction between the two? She’s also having surgery in a week, should she wait until after the surgery to start taking the cbd oil?"

I do not believe there is any interaction between Anastrozole and CBD cannabis. CBD cannabis is cleared through the cytochrome P450 pathway but 85% of anastrozole is eliminated through liver metabolism of the drug and 10% is cleared through the kidneys.
CBD cannabis can interfere with some blood clotting mechanisms so it might be best to wait until the postoperative time period to start treatment
There are so many questions here that we’re neither asked nor answered…..

Did your mother receive a second opinion from a completely independent group?

Has she read the book, "Sex, Lies & Menopause"? The Wiley Protocol could potentially save her life.

Is she aware of her blood level of vitamin D? Half of all breast-cancer cases are due to vitamin D deficiency. If her blood level of vitamin D remains below 50 ng/ml she may be 93% more likely to experience metastatic disease and if the vitamin D level is still not corrected she is 73% more likely to succumb to breast cancer because of vitamin D deficiency.

Has she been informed that she must stop drinking alcohol because it is a poison to her?

Her insurance probably paid for her to have a BRCA1 and the BRCA2 but those are only two out of at least 17 markers for breast cancer in genetics.

You did not mention her stage of cancer but that is critically important because if she has DCIS she may experience a better outcome without surgery.

People are often embarrassed to cancel surgery or postpone a surgery but if she does not have all the information she maybe making a premature decision. People cancel or postpone surgeries all the time so rest assured that a postponed surgery with more information in order to make a wise decision
would likely result in a better outcome.

Good luck, this is a tough situation and Anastrozole has not had the best track record so you really may want to explore more options. High-dose CBD is definitely in order to hopefully buy more time to give a fully informed consent for treatment.


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