Help for migraines?

I suffer from chronic daily migraines;
I bought cannabis oil 10% in CBD. I started with a single drop per day. The second day at the middle of a migraine crisis, I took a drop and the intensity of the migraine doubled. The pain left me, after 33 hours and after I had taken three times the usual painkillers (relpax 40 mg and at the same time depon 1000 mg) I use.
The doctor that advises me told me that this was a random incident and advised me to start again altering the dosage to 3 drops (1+1+1) cannabis oil 10% in CBD. After 5 days of treatment, at the middle of a migraine crisis, when I took the drop of oil and within an hour the pain reached the sky. I do not ever remember myself having such an intense migraine.
I did not know where I was and could not communicate. I was hospitalized. Pain stopped after 24 hours.
I suspect the dosage is already too high for me.
Please let me know your opinion. I believe cannabis can help me. Am I wrong?
Thank you in advance.

Hi Dora,
To your question as to whether cannabis can help with migraines: Yes, I think it can. The thing is that every person’s biochemistry is unique, so what may work for one person, will not necessarily work for you. The general advice is that you’ll need to experiment with dosing, delivery method, strains and so on.


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